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My screen is cracked, where can I repair my PLD?



Firstly, your PLDs are covered with insurance and warranty for 3 years. Please do not send the device to an unauthorized or 3rd party repair shop during the 3 years as this would void them.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Have your child bring the device to the ICT helpdesk in school to have an ICT staff do a 1st level troubleshooting/check.

  2. If the issue cannot be solved or is a physical damage. The staff will advice on the next steps and pass an insurance form for your child to bring back and fill-up. (the insuree is your child, please use your child's name in the form) *for pencil, please use alternative option below.

  3. Bring back the form to the helpdesk. We will send the device to Asiapac on your behalf, through the fortnightly pick-up service. The servicing may take up 6-8 weeks. In the mean time while the device is in service, we will offer a temporary device to your child.

    *Alternatively, you may decide to bring the device (iPad/Pencil only) to an authorized Apple Service Centre on your own but you will have to pay a service charge. However, please bring back the iPad for us to check and enroll it into the school DMA.

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