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What apps can we download on the PLD?



All students can install school-curated apps found on the PLD's app catalog.

That being said, the school recommends only installing the required teaching & learning (T&L) apps when instructed by a teacher. This is because students are not able to delete apps on their own, which could lead to insufficient device space to download the necessary T&L apps and for security updates.

  • Option A profiles configured to allow the Apple App Store & Option B profiles can install apps through Apple Appstore. However, the installed apps, if not whitelisted, will only be assessable during school hours.

  • Refer to the question titled “What are the DMA options available for my child’s PLD?” for more information on DMA profiles.

  • Refer to the question titled “How to delete apps on the PLD?” for more information on app deletion requests.

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