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What are the DMA options available for my child’s PLD?



PLD’s are assigned the Default profile during rollout. However, parents can opt-in/request for options A and B respectively.

  • In the Default profile, the school manages the iPad restrictions, during and after school hours.

  • While in Option A, the parents gain control after the designated school hours. *

  • While in Option B, the PLD has no restrictions applied to the PLD after school hours. **

Parents who prefer the DMA to remain school-managed, but want to have a stricter restriction can request one of the school’s special profiles:

  • Longer sleep hours (8pm to 6:30 am, originally 11pm to 5am)

  • No youtube during dinner time (5 - 7pm)

  • Block wallpaper and passcode modification

*School hours is set from 5am to 3pm

*Option A gives full control over to the parent and requires parents to set up all restrictions from scratch. We only recommend this option for parents that are IT savvy and prepared to configure things on their own.

**Option B requires a written reason and approval from HOD/SH ICT.

**Screen Time and external parental control systems will not work with the Option B profile.

More details can be found at https://go.gov.sg/nass-mg-guide

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