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What is national security contravention and how do I make a such a submission?



If you are a person resident in Singapore who has filed or caused to file a patent application overseas for the first time (i.e.: without making a claim of right of priority), you will need to file a national security clearance request with IPOS to obtain relevant written authority before a patent application is filed overseas. 

If you suspect that you have committed an offence, please submit a request to IPOS to compound the offence. In your submission via (FormSG), please indicate 

1. Application number, date of filing and country of filing in relation to the patent application(s) which was filed overseas without national security clearance;
2. Details of applicants, inventors or any other person involved in the filing;
3. Circumstances for contravention (the mitigating factors submitted should be made in relation to the applicant and/or filer who is a Singapore resident)
4. Measures that have been put in place to prevent contravention; and
5. Contact information for IPOS to get in touch with for any clarification.

A composition of the offence upon payment of a nominal sum is possible. Should the offence be compounded, no further proceedings shall be taken against the alleged offender in respect of that offence.

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