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Can PRs still travel with a passport which is expiring in 6 months' time or less?



Source: https://www.ica.gov.sg

Generally, as long as a Permanent Resident (PR)’s Re-Entry Permit (REP) remains valid, he/she is able to use his/her current valid passport for immigration clearance at the Singapore checkpoints.

A valid REP is necessary to facilitate a Singapore PR’s travel. It will also enable him/her to retain his/her PR status while away from Singapore and return as a PR. A PR who remains outside Singapore without a valid REP will lose his/her PR status.

However, they are advised to be mindful of the immigration requirements of any country they wish to depart, visit or place of return when travelling on a passport that is less than six months valid before embarking on their journey. Where applicable, they should also check with the airline to ensure that they are allowed to board the plane as airlines have the prerogative to issue boarding passes to their passengers.

As Singapore’s border measures and entry requirements will evolve as the global situation changes, please visit the MOH website and ICA website for the latest updates on travel and health control measures.

It is important for a Singapore PR to renew his/her foreign passport if it is expiring. Ensuring that a passport remains valid will allow ICA to determine his/her foreign citizenship.

For all matters relating to foreign passport, please approach the respective Embassy/Consulate/Overseas Mission in Singapore.

Once a new passport is obtained, PRs will need to transfer their valid REPs to their new passports online via the e-Service using their Singpass. Parents of minor PRs, who are Singapore citizen/PR, may log in to the e-Service with their Singpass.

There is no fee for the transfer of REP. Upon successful transfer, PRs can print their new REPs for reference and travel needs.

For more information on transfer of REP, please visit the ICA’s website.

This information provided here is sourced from the ICA website.

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