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What happens if the device is damaged / stolen / lost?



The device comes with 3-year insurance and a 3-year warranty, which allows for two repairs or one replacement. The insurance coverage is only applicable to situations of damage and loss, even if the student has taken the necessary precautions to safeguard the device. Do note that loss through negligence is not covered by insurance. If the replacement of the device is no longer covered by the insurance, the cost of replacement will have to be borne by the parents/student. FMS(S) can facilitate the purchase of a replacement device and your child's Edusave funds can be used, if available, in the event that this happens.

For lower-income students who need to replace their devices that are no longer covered by insurance, MOE will provide subsidies to minimise the out-of-pocket expense. The school's engaged vendor will conduct checks on students' devices on a regular basis. In the event that your child's device is faulty, we strongly advise you to send the device directly to the vendor for troubleshooting and repair, as the Apple service centres are very accessible and located near MRT stations.

The device can also be left with the school for the vendor to pick up for troubleshooting but this will take a longer turnaround time. If the device has to be sent in for repair, your child can request to loan out a similar device (subject to availability) from the school so that his/her learning will not be interrupted.

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