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How much will I have to pay for the device?



The school will purchase the device on behalf of your child via an MOE bulk tender. This is done so as to obtain the best value for money. To ensure the affordability of devices, MOE has provided an Edusave top-up of $200 in 2020 and will provide another Edusave top-up of $200 in May 2021 (as part of the Household Support Package announced in Budget 2021), to all eligible Singaporean students in primary and secondary schools.

This is on top of the annual $290 credited into the Edusave account for Secondary School students. Students who do not have sufficient funds in their Edusave accounts will need to bear some out-of-pocket expenses for the device (this is not expected to be a big amount).

However, we do not expect many students to be in this situation. For students on MOE-FAS, subsidies are available even if there is insufficient Edusave balance. There will not be out-of-pocket expenses. Subsidies will be provided for Singapore Citizen students who need support, particularly those whose Gross Household Income (GHI) is below $4,000 or Per Capita Income (PCI) is below $1,000 You can call 6260 0777 to check on your child's edusave balance.

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