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How do I know which track (IP or SP) is more suitable for me?



The IP track caters to students who will forgo SEC examination and thus have more time to explore interconnections in the curriculum content and concepts through projects and various independent-learning activities. The IP curriculum is designed to dovetail into the A-Level curriculum of Eunoia Junior College, not just for core academic subjects but also for talent development such as the MOE Special Programmes. No less rigorous, the SP track follows a more structured curriculum** which specifically prepares the students for the Singapore-Cambridge Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) examinations at Secondary 4. With the SEC qualification, the students have access to diverse offerings in the post-secondary education landscape. In both tracks, rich and diverse student development and enrichment opportunities offered by CHS will complete our students’ education experience, e.g. Passion Pursuit (Elective) modules are offered to both IP and SP students. The more significant differentiation is that IP students have more time than SP students for learning new skills and knowledge or participating in applied learning, e.g. in the middle of each year, Year 4 students embark on work attachment while Sec 4 students complete coverage of the curriculum and start preparations for the SEC examinations.

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