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If I am already visiting a polyclinic / hospital / specialist regularly for treatment of my chronic condition, do I still need to enrol to Healthier SG? Will the same medicines and tests be available at the GPs?



Yes, residents aged 40 and above can enrol to Healthier SG.

Healthier SG promotes preventive care to maintain good health, detect health issues early, and manage them effectively. Residents are encouraged to take proactive steps to improve their health with the support of their family clinic and community partners.


You are encouraged to enrol to Healthier SG to have a family doctor who can manage and care for all your medical conditions. Your Healthier SG doctor will be able to advise on the appropriate Health Plan as he/ she will have an overview of your health.


If you hold a CHAS card, you can access the Healthier SG Chronic Tier and receive enhanced subsidies for selected chronic medications from the Healthier SG Medication List, at prices comparable to polyclinics, at your enrolled Healthier SG GP clinic. Blood tests and investigations will be charged at the prevailing rates at the respective Healthier SG GP clinics. Only nationally recommended vaccinations and screenings are fully-subsidised (for eligible Singapore Citizens only) under Healthier SG.


For further information about specific medicines or tests available at a clinic, check with your Healthier SG GP clinic.

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