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What is the new Healthier SG Chronic Tier and what are the benefits?



CHAS^, Merdeka Generation (MG) and Pioneer Generation (PG) cardholders enrolled to Healthier SG GP clinics with higher chronic medication needs can opt to access a new Healthier SG Chronic Tier.

Specifically, you will have access to selected chronic medications (e.g. for diabetes, high blood pressure), similar to those prescribed and subsidised at polyclinics, at prices comparable to polyclinics.

Cardholders receive help in these two areas:


For selected chronic medications – Receive subsidies of up to 87.5% for selected medications with no dollar cap based on the card status.


For all services (e.g. consultations, investigations) and other medications – receive subsidies of up to $135 per visit and $360 per year.


At every visit, CHAS^/ MG/ PG cardholders can choose to either tap on subsidies under the existing CHAS^ Chronic Tier or the new Healthier SG Chronic Tier.


Patients with higher chronic medication needs and bills which exceed the current CHAS^ annual subsidy limits are more likely to benefit.


Patients with lower medication needs, may continue to be covered by existing CHAS^ subsidies.


You may consult with your family doctor to find out if you are suitable to switch to using the selected chronic medications that are eligible for percentage subsidies under the Healthier SG Chronic Tier.


Please note that one subsidy tier may be used at each visit. The remaining dollar subsidy limits will be pro-rated accordingly for the next visit if a different subsidy tier is chosen.


Healthier SG benefits and subsidies are available/accessible at your enrolled Healthier SG clinic.


^The CHAS Chronic Tier subsidy framework is available for all CHAS cardholders. The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) enables all Singapore Citizens, including Merdeka Generation (MG) and Pioneer Generation (PG) cardholders, to receive subsidies for medical and/or dental care (Only for CHAS Blue/Orange, MG and PG cardholders) at participating General Practitioner (GP) and dental clinics. To find out more about CHAS, please click here.

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