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Are there any differences in fees (medicine and consultations) between being enrolled with a polyclinic or a GP? Will the subsidy rates at GPs be the same as those at polyclinics?



Fees and subsidies for common chronic medications at polyclinics and GP clinics will be similar under Healthier SG, but there may be some differences in consultation fees because GPs set their own prices privately and because of how government subsidies are given at the two settings. 


All CHAS/MG/PG cardholders enrolled with a Healthier SG GP can opt for the new Healthier SG Chronic Tier to receive selected chronic medications under the Healthier SG Medication List at prices comparable to polyclinic. Patients can enjoy subsidy rates of up to 87.5% for these medications. The list of medications can be found at https://go.gov.sg/healthiersg-medication-list.


Patients will also enjoy additional subsidies on their consultation fees at GP clinics, subject to annual and per visit dollar limits. Patient need not pay for consultation fees in situations where the subsidy limits are higher than the consultation charges. For instance, a CHAS Green patient with one chronic condition has a per visit limit of $28. If the GP charges $25 for the consultation, a full subsidy of $25 will be provided. If the GP charges $35 for the consultation, a subsidy of $28 is provided and the patient will pay the remaining $7. On the other hand, there is no overall annual dollar limit at polyclinics but patient would need to make some small payment for every consultation visit which are already subsidised.  


If you are not a CHAS/MG/PG cardholder, the prevailing GP clinic rates apply. You are advised to check the medication and consultation fees at your clinic.

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