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Why can't I find my Healthier SG clinic of choice? What do I do if my existing General Practitioner (GP) is not a Healthier SG clinic?



For Healthier SG, residents can enrol only with a clinic that is participating in Healthier SG. GP clinics that are not Healthier SG will not be available for selection. As you will need to enrol with a Healthier SG GP clinic to access Healthier SG benefits, you are strongly encouraged to choose from the list of Healthier SG clinics in HealthHub. You may continue to visit non-Healthier SG clinics even after your enrolment. However, Healthier SG benefits will not be applicable at clinics that you are not enrolled with, so you would only be able to enjoy the existing schemes such as CHAS and MediSave. If your current GP is not on Healthier SG, you could also encourage your GP to onboard Healthier SG.

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