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Can I enrol with a polyclinic instead of a GP clinic? I have a chronic illness and I've been visiting my polyclinic regularly for my chronic treatment and medication. Can I still visit the polyclinic for routine checkups if I register with a GP?



You have the choice to select your preferred primary care provider under Healthier SG. We encourage you to enrol with the doctor whom you go to frequently.


For continuity of care, we strongly encourage you to choose your regular polyclinic or Healthier SG GP clinic and commit to one Healthier SG clinic for your care needs. This will help you develop a long and trusted relationship with your care provider, who will serve as your first point-of-contact to holistically manage your health. You can be assured of consistent standards of care as GP clinics and polyclinics are both guided by the same care protocols.


Healthier SG benefits are available/ accessible at your enrolled Healthier SG Clinic. If you choose to enrol in a clinic that is different from where you get treated for your chronic condition currently, and you have pre-existing appointments, please reschedule your appointments to your newly enrolled Healthier SG clinic to enjoy the benefits of Healthier SG.

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