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Does my Civil Service Card (CSC) cover the cost of the vaccinations?



We have checked with CSC and confirmed that vaccinations are not eligible for additional subsidy under the various types of CSC medical schemes for either officers or pensioners.

At CHAS GPs, the subsidy rate is dependent on the type of card you hold: Pioneer or Merdeka. The cost also varies depending on the type of vaccine.

The clinic will use these information e.g. your CHAS card type, type of vaccine being given, and will inform you of the amount owed. This amount is known as the co-payment and can be paid through the following means:

  • Paid in cash

  • Paid by MediSave

  • Paid under your CSC scheme if you have attended a CHAS GP which is also a MBS@Gov clinic.

Please note that the CSC scheme does not mean that the vaccination cost is covered. It means that rather than using cash or MediSave, the amount owed is billed directly to your CSC plan, preventing you from having to submit a manual claim. If you have a remaining balance in your plan to cover your medical services, it will be deducted from the plan. If not, this cost will be borne by you.

You may wish to contact your HR who is managing your CSC plan for further details.

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