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Why is shingles vaccination not subsidised? Can you provide subsidies for shingles vaccination?



Availability of subsidies and the use of MediSave are allowed for nationally recommended vaccinations in the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS). Considerations for inclusion of vaccinations into the NAIS include vaccine safety, clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the vaccine in the prevention of infections among susceptible individuals and in reducing complications, morbidity and mortality.

The list of vaccines in the NAIS is regularly reviewed by the Expert Committee on Immunisation to evaluate both clinical and cost effectiveness.

The shingles vaccine is currently not on the NAIS, as its cost-effectiveness at the population level in Singapore has not been established. Hence, it is not currently considered for subsidies and MediSave use.

Nonetheless, the vaccine is available locally to anyone aged 50 and older who would like to receive the vaccine. You may wish to consult your doctor.

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