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How is the school helping my child to manage the use of the device? (E.g. Is there any control over the use of the PLDs to surf irrelevant information online software? Are students allowed to download applications on their PLDs?) How is MOE helping my child to manage possible cyber risks?



All devices under the initiative will have a Device Management Application (DMA) installed. The DMA is a suite of software installed in the device to enable the school and parents to manage and monitor device usage by students. The DMA would restrict the type of applications and websites accessible by students and limit the students' screen time, according to settings predetermined by the school. For example, inappropriate websites with adult or extremist content, as well as gaming and gambling websites or applications, will all be restricted.

The DMA would also allow the school to remotely download appropriate teaching and learning applications, as well as security patches, into every student's device. In addition, the DMA comes with classroom management capabilities to assist teachers in actively monitoring and controlling the students' screens during lesson time for better student management and effective teaching.

Students will be taught how to embrace the convenience of technology while maintaining a balanced lifestyle between online and offline activities, and to be a safe and responsible user of technology in CCE lessons. Peer support leaders in FMS(S) will also share with the students about being responsible for their online behavior and well-being, and how to participate and stay safe as members of online communities.

The revised CCE 2021 will also feature cyber wellness education more strongly, with updated authentic scenarios used, to better equip students to navigate online spaces safely and help develop a more supportive cyber environment.

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