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What are the expectations of a successful DSA candidate?



  • Attend all training sessions and competitions/concerts/performances unless excused by the Teacher-in-charge. He/she should not use personal commitments like tuition and upcoming tests as reasons to be excused from CCA.

  • Be exemplary in conduct and speech in class and during CCA.

  • Be a role model to his/her peers and juniors in the CCA and be prepared to take up a leadership role if nominated by teachers-in-charge.

  • Be an active contributor to his/her CCA throughout the 4/5 years in the school.

  • Remain in his/her CCA unless an injury is sustained where there is no foreseeable recovery, and which prevents him/her from participating in training and future competitions.

  • If he/she commits any major offence, he/she will be duly punished and may be barred from representing the school for a season.

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