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Why did Catholic High select a Lenovo Chromebook?



The teaching faculty has spent several months analysing the hardware requirements from

each subject discipline and has distilled to having the requirements of:

  • having a touchscreen with inking functionality and a stylus for students‚Äô annotations.

  • a sturdy keyboard for report and assignment typing.

  • a front-facing camera for zoom usage and a back-facing camera for taking a photo as a tablet.

  • portability for students to bring around.

  • having a long battery life to reduce the bulk of carrying an extra charger.

  • A ChromeOS for compatibility with the DMA.

  • SD card slot for provision of extra storage capacity.

The school has compared the hardware requirements of all the devices by MOE bulk tender and found that the Lenovo 500e meets all the specifications required for Catholic High teaching and learning. In addition, it is within the affordability of all families, has a low replacement cost and has a service centre in proximity to Catholic High School, i.e. Tai Seng service centre. This facilitates after-sale service after school hours, during holidays and when our students graduate from Catholic High.

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