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How will Catholic High leverage the use of PLDs?



The Learning Vision espouses the goals that Catholic High would like all gentlemen to


In developing students' agency and digital literacies, online lessons on the organisation of

digital information on students' PLDs and note-taking will be taught in tandem with the

onboarding of notes onto the online platform of google classroom. This migration of hardcoy

to softcopy notes allows longer archival of school notes and reduces the weight of bags

students have to carry to school.

However, please be assured that assignments that require

pen and paper will continue to be given to them in hardcopies.

In augmenting teachers' teaching to activate students' learning, 20% of the Scheme of Work

will undergo technology infusion. In addition, these lessons will incorporate various

pedagogies of online group collaboration, simulation, augmented or virtual reality to make

abstract concepts concrete.

To mitigate the effect of extended screen use, our

Cyber-Innovation Ambassador will teach our gentlemen eye care exercises during

designated morning assembly periods.

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