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Why am I still receiving SMS from "Likely-SCAM" Sender ID?



From 31 Jan 2023, the "Likely-SCAM" header is used on all SMSes sent by local and foreign entities that use alphanumeric Sender IDs which are not registered with Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry (SSIR). IMDA's guidelines on Sender ID can be found here.

As the "Likely-SCAM" header in itself is a warning to the user and functions similar to a spam filter, users are advised to exercise caution when they receive such SMSes. Users should ignore SMSes with a "Likely-SCAM" Sender ID if the content of the message is not relevant to them.

The ScamShield app does not filter SMSes with the "Likely-SCAM" Sender ID as they could contain legitimate information - e.g. OTPs from a foreign business which did not register its Sender ID in Singapore.

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