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Why did RGS move to the Braddell site?



This site allows for the holistic development of our students and the deepening of engagement and partnership with the community. RGS and RI are also in close proximity, and hence better able to realise the goals of the Raffles Programme.


Our learning spaces are student-focused, environmentally friendly, and inclusive of the community around us. These learning spaces support the unique and distinctive character of RGS and encourage intellectual discourse, innovation, sports, arts, and leadership development. For example:


  • Performing Arts Centre allows students to deepen their appreciation of the arts and express themselves in creative ways to collaborate with others beyond the school to forge a more cohesive community.

  • Innovation Hub, comprising the Keppel Sandbox, well-equipped science labs, research labs, makerspace and other special rooms, enables students to acquire computing and technological skills, think outside the box, and bring their creative ideas into reality.

  • Hong Leong Foundation Filiae Centre offers life coaching, art therapy, life skills workshops, and platforms for student expression, on top of existing provisions such as counselling, leadership development, and student administrative services.

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