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Does a student who applies through DSA have to participate in the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise?



Once she has been offered a place in her choice school and has accepted the offer, she will not take part in the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise as she would have been deemed to have secured a place in her choice school. A very important point to note is that once she has accepted a place in the school of her choice via DSA, she cannot transfer out of the school even after the PSLE results have been released. She may have done better than expected but she must remain committed tot he DSA school in which she has accepted a place. In the same way, the DSA school is committed to its offer of a place to the student so long as she qualifies for secondary education in the 'Express stream'. Applications for a transfer will only be considered if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from fulfilling her DSA commitment after she has accepted a place (e.g. a permanent injury that she sustained after accepting a place in her choice DSA school via a sport, and where it is medically deemed that she cannot fulfil her commitment to play the sport after that).

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