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What are the leadership boards in the school?



There are four Student Leadership Boards:

  • Prefectorial Board: Prefects are custodians of school traditions, culture and school spirit. Discipline is also undertaken by the Prefectorial Board.

  • Peer Support Board: The Peer Support Leaders look into the well-being of RGS girls, especially the Year 1s and help them adapt to RGS school life.

  • Student Congress: Congress represents the student population, raising students‚Äô issues to the School Administration for school improvement.

  • House Committee: House Committee members promote House spirit, and each House committee leads 20% of the student population (Years 1 ‚Äì 4) in House activities, Inter-House Games and school events like the Sports Festival.

Leaders in the Community: There are also student leaders in Class Committees, CCA leaders, project group leaders, VIA project leaders, and so on. All are important to the school as we strive to make every girl a leader, whether in formal leadership roles or in student-initiated projects and activities.

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