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What are assessments like at RGS?



We have two types of assessments: formative and summative assessments.


Formative Assessments are assessments for learning. These are assessments designed to develop the students' knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts. Grades are assigned to the work, but greater emphasis is placed on teachers' feedback and qualitative comments.


Summative Assessments are assessments of learning. These assessments evaluate the students' competence in a topic, unit of study, module or skills.


There are various modes of assessment: time-based pen and paper tests, essays, journaling, oral presentations, performance tasks, science practical tests, and portfolios.


Performance tasks are a special feature of the Raffles Programme Assessments, as they require students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic or unit of study through deep analysis of the problem and presenting a synthesis of their understanding or a solution to the problem. These performance tasks are authentic tasks to solve real-life problems.

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