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I travelled on the same distance and same route on two different buses and the fares were different. Why?



It may be that the bus service with the higher fare is an Express Bus Service. Express bus services are designed to provide faster connections by travelling via expressways. They also do not stop along certain sectors for faster point-to-point travel. As such, the fares of express bus services are differentiated from basic bus services. They follow a different fare structure and are higher. These includes the fares for local areas along their routes as these sectors are the boarding and alighting points for commuters of express bus services. The point-to-point nature of express bus services, providing convenience and faster connections, is targeted at commuters who travel over long distances, e.g. from HDB towns to the city centre, and especially during peak hours. Commuters who wish to take express bus services for convenience and faster connections thus need to pay the higher fares as compared to basic bus services. These bus services can be identified via the Bus Service Information Posters displayed at en route bus stops.

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