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I am unable to link my PAssion card CAN number in the YUU app. What should I do?



If you see the above error message, it's possible that you have entered the wrong CAN/LID Number. Please refer to the back of your physical card or via MyPAssion App, tap on the "e-Card" for the CAN/LID Number.

  • If the CAN Number you have entered is correct, it could be due to other possible reasons such as the CAN Number has been deactivated, the date of birth does not match or you have just applied for the PAssion Card and the CAN Number has not been activated yet. If your date of birth is incorrect and you have Singpass login, you can log in using Singpass via www.onepa.gov.sg, go to "Account - Profile", select the "Pencil" icon on My Profile tab to edit and click on "Retrieve Myinfo from Singpass" button to update your particulars such as date of birth.

Please contact PA Contact Centre hotline at 6225 5322 for further assistance.

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