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How do I claim or retrieve my household's CDC Vouchers? Do I need to re-claim the vouchers ?



Yes. Claiming process remains the same as past years' CDC Vouchers. Only one member representing the household needs to make the claim digitally via Singpass at go.gov.sg/cdcv.

  1. Visit go.gov.sg/cdcv , select CDC Vouchers 2024 and login with Singpass to claim your vouchers.

  2. You may also use go.gov.sg/cdcv to retrieve your previous voucher link by logging in to Singpass again.

  3. The voucher link will be sent via SMS, that will contain both the CDC Vouchers for using at participating heartland merchants and hawkers, and at participating supermarkets. These vouchers can be used till 31 December 2024. You can refer to the step-by-step infographics or the notification letter on how to claim and spend the $500 CDC Vouchers:

How to claim your CDC Vouchers 2024

  1. Visit go.gov.sg/cdcv and tap on CDC Vouchers 2024.

  2. Log in with Singpass. Only one household member needs to do this on behalf of the household.

  3. Receive your CDC Voucher link by SMS. Forward the SMS to share vouchers with household members.

How to spend your CDC Vouchers 2024

  1. Select which CDC Vouchers you want to use.

  2. Choose the amount to spend. Then tap ‘Show voucher’.

  3. Show the QR code to the shop staff. They will scan it to complete your payment.

*Visuals shown are for illustrative purposes only.

If you do not have a smartphone or Singpass, or for further enquiries or assistance, visit your nearest Community Centre/Club (CC) or call the PA Contact Centre at 6225 5322.

Hotline operating hours:

Monday to Sunday

8am - 6pm

New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Eve, and Christmas Eve

8am - 1pm

Public Holidays


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