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Must my Advance Care Planning (ACP) Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS) be my LPA Donee?



No, you do not have to appoint your LPA Donee with Personal Welfare powers to be your ACP Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson. However, you’re encouraged to do so, to reduce conflicting decisions made by your Donee and NHS. This is because an LPA grants your Donee the legal rights to make decisions for you if you’re unable to do so, but it does not tell your Donee what to do for your Personal Welfare. An ACP helps you to communicate to your Donee what decisions they should make for your Personal Welfare. This includes decisions such as where you should live, who you should live with, your daily lifestyle and healthcare decisions. Because of this, appointing your LPA Donee with Personal Welfare powers as your ACP Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson will help to avoid conflicts amongst your loved ones.

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