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How to get started on doing an Advance Care Planning (ACP) and how much does it cost?



You can begin with these simple steps:

  1. Reflect on what you want. Think about what is important and meaningful to you, the quality of life you want, and the medical treatment you are comfortable with.

  2. Choose your Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson(s) (NHS). Think about the people in your life you trust to convey your care preferences. Your NHS would ideally be someone who:

    • Knows you well. For example, a family member or a close friend.

    • Is willing to speak up for your goals and values on your behalf.

    • Can be trusted to act in your best interest and tell your doctors about the care you wish to receive when you lose mental capacity.

    • Be someone who can handle stressful situations well.

    • Is at least 21 years old, so that they can help make important decisions should the need arises. You may nominate up to two NHS. Both NHS should be aligned and in agreement about what your preferences are.

  3. Prepare a draft ACP form online on My Legacy (go.gov.sg/mylegacy-lpa-acp).

  4. Make an appointment with an ACP facilitator to discuss and submit your ACP to the National Electronic Healthcare Records (NEHR) system.

You may visit go.gov.sg/find-acp-facil for a list of ACP facilitators. Please check with the individual organisations on the cost. You can visit www.mylegacy.gov.sg for more details on how to start your ACP journey.

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