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What is Advance Care Planning (ACP)?



Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of planning for your current and future healthcare. ACP helps you to communicate to your loved ones and healthcare team about your values and how these values shape your healthcare preferences. In the event you are unable to make decisions or speak for yourself, your ACP guides your loved ones and healthcare team to make decisions in your best interest.

There are 3 different types of ACPs:

  • General ACP, for people who are generally healthy or has early-stage chronic diseases

  • Disease-specific ACP, for people who have progressive, life-limiting illnesses and are at risk of suffering multiple complications

  • Preferred Plan of Care ACP, for people who are approaching the end of their lives and are not expected to live beyond the next 12 months

When you prepare your ACP on My Legacy, you are filling up the general ACP. If you are receiving medical care at a public healthcare institution, you can ask your care team to arrange an ACP session for you. The ACP facilitator will advise you accordingly, depending on your health status.

If you are not receiving treatment at any public healthcare institution, you can contact a community ACP facilitator on My Legacy. Some ACP facilitators also offer tele-ACP services, which allows you to meet with them online via video conferencing.

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