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Do I qualify for Zakat Financial Assistance?



  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who fall within the following categories:

    • Head of family/persons suffering from chronic illness/kidney failure/ physical or mental disability

    • Head of family in prison/DRC

    • Single parent: widow or divorcee in need

    • Low income elderly (65 years and above)

    • Family with insufficient income/ many dependents

  • Per Capita Income* (PCI) of less than $400

    • PCI is computed by dividing a family’s gross monthly household income by the number of family members living (might include extended family) in the same household
      *PCI = Family’s Gross Monthly Household Income No. of Family Members Living in the Same Household


      • Mr A earns $2000 a month

      • He lives with his elderly mother, wife who is not working and 2 children

      • His PCI is = $2000 / 5 = $400
        Hence, Mr A qualifies for Muis Zakat Financial Assistance

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