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What kind of assistance does Muis offer?



Muis provides financial assistance by disbursing Zakat (tithe) which it collects from the Muslim community.

Zakat is distributed to 8 different types of asnaf (beneficiaries) such as the poor, the needy, those in debt, the student pursuing religious education, among others.

The list of Muis Zakat Financial Assistance Schemes are as follows:

· Monthly Zakat Financial Assistance

Monthly cash assistance for those who are eligible

· Settlement of Debt

Once-off assistance for arrears of basic necessities such as utility bills & service and conservancy charges

· Emergency Assistance

Given in times of crisis or when a mishap occurs such as natural disaster, fire or emergency medical treatment or procedure

· Burial Expenses

Payment of burial expenses incurred upon the death of a Muis Zakat recipient

· Study Grants

Subsidies for Part-time Islamic Education and Full-time Madrasah school fee subsidies, as well as National Exam fees (PSLE/N/O/A levels) for private candidates

· Fidyah Food Vouchers

Vouchers to purchase food items redeemable at Muis-approved Fidyah retailers located island-wide

Muis Zakat financial assistance is complementary to National Assistance Schemes. We highly encourage potential Zakat beneficiaries to explore national financial assistance schemes such as Comcare to ensure that their immediate needs are better met through national support systems. Muis plays a complementary role in providing additional financial support to help their situation.

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