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What investment instruments can I purchase using my SRS funds?



You may invest in a wide range of financial assets, including those offered by financial institutions (product providers) other than your SRS operator. Please approach your product providers for information on the products they are offering for SRS as the decision on whether to offer a product to SRS monies generally lies with them [1].

However, direct property investments are not allowed. As for life insurance products, the following conditions shall apply:

  • Only single premium products are allowed (including recurrent single premium products, encompassing both annuity and non-annuity plans).

  • Life cover (including total and permanent disability benefits) will be capped at 3 times the single premium.

  • Plans can allow for a contribution continuation feature/benefit upon disability.

  • Other types of life insurance e.g. critical illness, health and long-term care are excluded.

  • Trust nomination is not allowed for life insurance products purchased using SRS funds.

You should note that investment choices are made on a caveat emptor basis.

[1] Currently, overseas investments may not be available to members.

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