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What can I do if I suspect that someone has infringed my company's / my copyright?



Copyright is a private right and if you suspect that your/your company's copyright has been infringed, you should get legal advice on the options available to enforce your rights. IPOS conducts complimentary IP Legal Clinics that provides Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and Singapore registered businesses with access to a selected panel of professional lawyers. The 45-minute consultation session allows you to seek preliminary advice on IP infringement before you decide on a course of action. You may find out more and register for an https://www.ipos.gov.sg/eservices/ip-clinics (IP Clinic session here) . As a practical point, you should get as many facts about the suspected infringement as possible so that your legal advisor can properly advise you.  Going to court is not the only way to deal with a possible infringement. For example, in cases of unintentional infringement, both parties may be more willing and find it more cost- and time-effective to negotiate a private settlement out of court. They may also wish to rope in a mediator in their talks. Mediation services are provided by the Singapore Mediation Centre. For more information, please visit the Singapore Mediation Centre website.

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