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How does the mediation option for trade mark proceedings at IPOS benefit users?



There are many benefits to resolving a dispute through mediation. The mediation process is more cost- and time-efficient. Parties have greater control over the management of the whole process which allows them to arrange for a more efficient and convenient timing for their meetings. Having a neutral (a mediator) party facilitate the process also helps parties reach an amicable settlement more expeditiously.  Mediation also offers a holistic resolution for disputes as parties can focus on an outcome that better serves the commercial or other interests of the parties. Parties can consider bringing other related issues or disputes between them for mediation, allowing for a more global settlement of all ongoing disputes between the parties as compared to adjudication which requires that each dispute be dealt with through a separate procedure and due process in each relevant jurisdiction.  The mediation option will help to promote alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") services in Singapore and Singapore as a venue for IP mediation and ADR services for IP disputes.

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