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Can I obtain patent protection for my invention, not just in Singapore, but in other countries as well? If so, how do I go about it?



A patent obtained in Singapore is territorial in nature and only gives rise to rights in Singapore. Such local rights are obtained by filing a patent application in Singapore. This is called the national application route.  If you are considering obtaining patent protection for an invention in other countries, you either file separate applications in each country where you wish to have patent protection or you may choose to take the PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty) route which enables you, in a single international patent application to seek patent protection in a number of countries. This is called the international application route. The national application route and the international application route exist in parallel in Singapore and the choice is open to you to choose between them.  If you are residing in Singapore and plan to apply for a patent outside of Singapore first, you need to obtain a written authorisation from IPOS for national security clearance before doing so. 

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