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Before one makes a complaint to IPOS, is there someone the complainant can turn to for help to resolve his case?



IPOS would like to encourage the complainant to seek amicable settlements before making a complaint to IPOS so as to save time and avoid unnecessary legal costs. The complainant has various options to resolve the case:  (i) The Association of Singapore Patent Agents ("ASPA"), if the complainant?s patent agent is a member of ASPA;  (ii) The patent agent's firm's complaint procedure, if available;  (iii) The Law Society of Singapore, if the complainant?s patent agent is a Singapore lawyer; or  (iv) The Singapore Mediation Centre. Mediation is a voluntary process in which a third party (called the mediator) facilitates negotiations between the disputing parties with a view to resolving their differences privately and amicably.

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