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How do I book my first appointment for my Health Plan consultation?



Follow the steps below to book your first Health Plan consultation with your enrolled Healthier SG clinic:

Step 1:

  • Access your HealthHub app and log in with your Singpass.

  • Click on the Healthier SG banner in green on the homepage or select 'Healthier SG' in the Service Categories page.

Step 2:

  • Follow the instructions within the app to enrol in Healthier SG.

Step 3:

  • After enrolment, you will be prompted to the 'Book appointment' screen.

  • Alternatively, in the Health Recommendations main page, click on 'Manage appointment' to schedule a consultation with your enrolled clinic.

After which, you will be able to book an appointment via:

  • an in-app booking system;

  • email your contact details to the clinic; or

  • call the clinic via their contact number provided.

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