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Why is it possible for NAIS subsidised vaccinations at CHAS GP clinics cost differently from that at polyclinics?



Subsidies for the nationally recommended vaccinations are extended to both Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) General Practitioner (GP) clinics and polyclinics to enable Singaporeans to enjoy accessible and affordable preventive health services in the community. The aim is to allow Singaporeans to receive subsidised vaccinations at clinics near their homes, particularly for those who may already have a regular family doctor at a CHAS GP clinic.

As there are more than 1,000 CHAS GPs participating in this subsidy programme, many of which may be relatively smaller outfits with less operational support, the subsidies that need to be administered at these clinics are designed to be as simple as possible to reduce the administrative burden on them. Pioneers and Merdeka Generation (MG) seniors at CHAS GP clinics hence receive a fixed dollar amount subsidy, as compared to Pioneers and MG seniors at polyclinics who would receive an additional 50% and 25% subsidy off their means-tested vaccination bill respectively.

As a result of the different subsidy frameworks, it is thus possible that individuals will see some variation in the resulting co-payment for some vaccinations between CHAS GP clinics and polyclinics, even though the prices before subsidy are expected to be similar. We recognise that when the different subsidy frameworks are applied to the more costly vaccinations such as the pneumococcal vaccination, the differences in the resultant patient co-payment can be more significant, particularly for Pioneers and MG Seniors from higher-income households.

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