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What is the Progressive Wage (PW) Mark? What firms are eligible for it?



Source: https://www.gobusiness.gov.sg

The PW is an accreditation scheme that recognises firms that pay progressive wages to lower-wage workers. It enables consumers and corporate buyers to easily identify and support such firms.

A firm that employs at least one local resident worker (i.e. Singapore citizens and permanent residents) covered by the prevailing Sectoral Progressive Wages (SPW) or Occupational Progressive Wages (OPW) under the Progressive Wage Model that have taken effect will be eligible to apply for the PW Mark.

To be accredited with the PW Mark, the firm must (i) pay the relevant worker(s) according to the SPW or OPW requirements, and (ii) pay all other local resident workers at least the Local Qualifying Salary (LQS).

Firms may refer to Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s website to check the wage schedules and job descriptions of occupations covered by the prevailing SPW and OPW, to determine whether their workers should be classified under SPW and/or OPW, and the progressive wages that apply to them.

If firms are uncertain on the classification of the workers or have disagreements with their workers on the classification, they may submit a query to MOM for clarifications and advice at mom_lrwd@mom.gov.sg. MOM will follow up with these firms.

This information provided here is sourced from the GB website.

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