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How will the device be used by my child in FMS(S)?



The device will be used to complement classroom teaching by promoting active learning and enhancing your child's schooling experience. Students can make use of digital productivity tools such as calendaring and note-taking applications. They will also have greater access to digital platforms, such as the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), to connect, discuss and collaborate with their peers.

The device will allow for greater ownership in your child's learning, as they will have greater freedom to explore the world beyond the classroom and direct their own learning. On days meant for home-based learning, your child can also benefit from a seamless learning experience in school and outside of school. FMS(S) teachers will design our learning programmes to ensure that the students' use of PLDs is balanced in relation to other activities and modes of learning. There is no recommended limit to screen time in class, though teachers will take note of the amount of time spent on the device during lessons and balance the time spent on the devices with other activities such as discussions and physical demonstrations.

Teachers will also continue to ensure that the amount of assignments set (both online and offline) is guided by the school's homework policy.

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