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Can we continue to loan the school unit? Is it compulsory to install DMA on the iPad even if my child already owns his own device?



The current iPads are on loan only to support Secondary 1 students’ learning for the interim period before they obtain their own iPads. These will have to be returned thereafter.

To maximize the learning benefits with the personalised learning device, students should be able to use it both in school as well as at home. Beyond the classroom, students will be able to use the device for home-based learning.

Devices purchased under the PLD initiative belong to the students, and they can continue to use their device after graduation. For students who are receiving financial assistance, they will be provided additional subsidies such that their out-of-pocket expenses for the device will be zero.

If parents/guardians wish for their child/ward to use their own iPad instead of purchasing a new device using Edusave, please note the following points:

  1. Ascertain that the specifications of the existing device meet the school’s requirements through emailing techsupport@edgefield.edu.sg

  2. Device Management Application (DMA), with the required restrictions will have to be installed in the said iPad before it can be used in school.

  3. Existing data in iPad will be erased when DMA is installed.

  4. It is not advisable for the child to share the iPad with family members as he/she will need the iPad to complete homework and do revision at home.

  5. School will not be able to purchase extended warranty for iPads that are not bought through Edusave.

  6. Parents will need to purchase an Apple Pencil for their child. Parents are also advised to purchase an iPad cover with a secured Apple pencil slot to guard against loss and damage.

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