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What are the controls/ restrictions put in place to prevent students from getting distracted while using iPad? For example, chatting with friends or using the iPad for gaming or other entertainment outside school?



The Device Management Application (DMA) that comprises the Mobile Device Management Service, Classroom Management Service and Usage Management Service, would allow school and parents to exercise a high degree of control over students’ usage of the iPad.

The Mobile Device Management Service is able to limit screen time i.e. the total time students spend using the iPad, and can be customized to even individual apps. The Classroom Management Service, including Apple classroom, will allow teachers to monitor and control students’ iPad if they get distracted.

The usage management service will allow school and parents to further address stress to the student's eyes from prolonged use and cyberwellness concerns with screen time control, application filtering, content filtering and monitoring of usage/activities. The various affordances of DMA will help prevent students from being distracted in class, and even during after school hours.

We will provide resources to parents on the configuration of such settings at home when students receive their iPads. If parents would prefer to defer the management of the device to school, we would be glad to assist as well.

Other than control through device management application, we hope to work together with parents to continue to educate students on cyber-wellness and responsible digital citizenship.

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