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For DMA settings, can we know what's the default setting during and after school hours if we choose the default option.



The default DMA‚ school setting is from 6:30am to 6:30pm for school profile with a sleep

profile set from 11pm to 6:00am. The After-School Profile has three options, namely:

  • Default where the After-School DMA profile follows the school default profile.

  • Option A where the After-School DMA profile can be modified by the parents.

  • Option B where the DMA profile is disabled after school hours.

Gudes to each of the DMA option can be found here

(Default) DMA Parent Guide.pdf

(Option A) DMA Parent Guide.pdf

(Option B) DMA Parent Guide.pdf

Parents can request to change the DMA option after the start of each term through this form

go.gov.sg/chssecdma. However, changes to the DMA (After-School) profile will only take

effect at the end of each term.

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