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Information on subject combination matters or for advice, please contact the respective Head of Departments.



For overall streaming and Science-related matters:

HOD / Science Mr Goh Joo Leng Jeffrey (goh_joo_leng_jeffrey@moe.edu.sg)

2. For Mathematics-related matters:

HOD / Mathematics: Mrs Boh Hwee Hwee (ng_hwee_hwee@moe.edu.sg)

3. For English and English Literature-related matters:

HOD / English: Mrs Amanda Yap (amanda_lois_oei@moe.edu.sg)

SH / English Literature: Ms Winifred Ong Peiqi (ong_peiqi_winifred@moe.edu.sg)

4. For Mother Tongue and Chinese Literature-related matters:

HOD / Mother Tongue: Mr Goh Pai Shen (goh_pai_shen@moe.edu.sg)

5. For Humanities-related matters: HOD / Humanities:

Mr Kenneth Koh Kar Loong (koh_kar_loong_kenneth@moe.edu.sg)

6. For Aesthetics-related (Music / Art) matters:

HOD CCE: Mrs Chee Ee Sin (tan_ee_sin@moe.edu.sg),

Ms Yasmine Chan Hoi Yin (chan_hoi_yin_yasmine@moe.edu.sg)

7. For Exercise and Sports Sciences (ESS)-related matters: SH / Student Management:

Mr Bernard Han Wei Yang (han_wei_yang@moe.edu.sg)

8. For IP-related matters: HOD / Integrated Programme:

Ms Ho Seok Lay (ho_seok_lay@moe.edu.sg)

9. For BSP-related matters: HOD / Special Assistance Plan

Mrs Lee-Teo Yee Lin (teo_yee_lin@moe.edu.sg)

10. ECG-related matters: Education & Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor:

Ms Tang Lin Yin Karen (Tang_Lin_Yin_Karen@schools.gov.sg)

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