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What should a driver do in the event that he/she encounters a fare evader?



Where possible, the driver should try to retain passenger and trip details (e.g. pick-up and drop-off points, further details provided to the driver through the booking such as passenger's name and phone number) and lodge the fare evasion case with his/her operator.

As a first step, the operator will attempt to contact the passenger to recover the fare, and thereafter reimburse the fare paid to the driver. If the outstanding fare remains unpaid and the passenger's identity can be established, the operator can refer the case to LTA and PTC for investigations.

The driver may also call the police for assistance or drive the passenger to the nearest Police Station, Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) or Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP). After lodging the police report, the driver can refer the case directly to LTA for investigation.

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