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How can I identify a Public Transport Official?



A Public Transport Official (e.g. an inspector, a bus captain, a bus interchange or station staff) on duty carries an Authority Card (AC) issued by PTC. He/she is identifiable by the uniform of the Operator that he/she works for. You can ask for proof of identity.

The AC shows the photo of the Public Transport Official, the employer (i.e. the Operators concerned), his/her name, date of issue and card serial number.

A Public Transport Official must produce and show you his/her proof of identity (i.e. the AC) if you request to see it. If the Public Transport Official refuses to do so, then you do not have to pay a penalty fee and any Notice to Pay Penalty Fee issued is invalid. When in doubt on the identity of the Public Transport Official that you are dealing with, please contact the Operators concerned directly to clarify, at:

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