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What’s the difference between OGP and Govtech?

I'm curious to know the difference between the two



OGP is formally (legally) part of the Government Technology Agency, but we practically function as a separate organisation.

We share a common mission with GovTech in that we’re building tech for public good.
However, we differ in that OGP has been set up since July 2019 to run separately from the rest of GovTech, so that we can take best practices from companies out there e.g. best tech and organisation practices from top tech companies, and apply them in the government domain to better deliver on tech for public good. OGP’s mission is threefold:

(1) Experiment on these best practices (from how we build tech products, the technologies we use, to how we run hiring, compensation, career tracks) in the public sector domain.
(2) Demonstrate what works in the public sector domain on projects and things which matter e.g. nationwide systems and products.
(3) Propagate these products and best practices to the rest of government, so that over time, we’re doing tech for public good well across the whole government.

OGP reports directly to GovTech and Smart Nation senior management, ie, our supervisory panel. We retain our own product ownership, run our own product teams, and have our own HR systems and practices.

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