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Will Courses be scheduled during the fasting month? What steps are taken to ensure students’ well-being during the fasting month?



MOE works with OBS to conduct the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme up to 34 weeks in a year to enable more students to take part in the programme. The course may take place during the fasting month. While the course is physically demanding, additional precautions will be taken to ensure the students’ well-being, as with any other physical activities organised by schools during fasting month, e.g., PE lessons, CCAs. 

OBS has a set of guidelines for managing students who are fasting. Examples of these guidelines include conducting pre-activity checks, daily monitoring and briefing by a Muslim staff at the start of the course. This briefing will be further reinforced by the watch Instructors at appropriate times.

Students will be informed that the course will be physically demanding and challenging and that they will experience fatigue and thirst.  They will not be discouraged from fasting but will be reminded that if they do not feel well, they will be asked to break fast immediately to prevent endangering themselves. Pre-activity briefings will also cover information on the activity intensity such as the expedition distance, duration and environmental challenges.

The instructors will closely monitor students who are fasting and check on their condition regularly. Instructors will ensure that the students are given ample rations and water at all times. They will also remind the students on the timings for pre-dawn meals and break-fast meals. As part of the instructors’ due care, student will be instructed to break their fast should the fasting regime affect their safety during the course.

Safety rules, such as staying together with the group during activity time must be adhered to. As a mark of respect for those who are fasting, Instructors may allow them to sit away from the group during meal times in the day.

If students face any discomfort during the course, they can alert their instructor or any OBS staff.  Students will be referred to the OBS Medical Centre (where necessary) for assessment and monitoring.

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