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What type of food will be given to my child during pre-dawn and break-fast meals?



Pre-dawn and break-fast meals will be arranged by OBS. Pre-dawn meals typically consist of rations that are easy to cook, like Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs), instant noodles, or ketupat rice. Students can decide the duration they require for the meal.

Break-fast meals will be hot meals cooked by each group and typically at the end of each day’s expedition. Muslim students will also be given dates and other rations like buns and biscuits to supplement their meals.

Dinner for each group will be timed together with break-fast so that the whole group will be able to eat together. However, if dinner is not ready by the break-fast time e.g. due to bad weather, the instructors will ensure the Muslim students get to break-fast on time with their dates, buns and biscuits first, while waiting for dinner to be ready.

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